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Discover the difference between car insurance rates and quotes and what customers can and should do when the initial quote and final rate are substantially different from one another.

Making Car Insurance Cheap and Easy

Learn how you can make getting car insurance a cheap and each process so that you can quickly get the coverage you need at a reasonable and accurate rate.

Making Car Insurance Cheap and Easy

There are multiple ways you can easily get inexpensive insurance for your car. You can take these steps whether you are seeking a new policy or plan to maintain your current one. Each offers individual benefits but there is also a cumulative advantage that can significantly reduce your rates when you implement more than one.

Reduce Risk Factors

The majority of policy rates are based on how much risk you pose to the insurance company. Drivers with poor driving histories will have higher premiums. You can make your rates cheaper by improving your driving behavior, attending driving school, and eliminating tickets for speeding or other moving violations. If your credit score is the issue, you can also work to improve this although it may take more time.

Get Discounts

Make sure you are getting every discount you are eligible to receive. You should notify your insurance agent any time there is a change in your driving routine or car care that impacts your rates. Drivers who open home-based businesses generally drive less which reduces their chances of being involved in an accident. If you add a garage to your property or anti-theft device to your vehicle, you can get lower rates.

Use One Insurance Provider

Major discounts you cannot receive if you have policies with different insurance companies are the multi-car and multi-policy discounts. You can easily switch policies, including home or renters insurance, to one provider and get even cheaper rates. Some companies may give you an additional discount for simply making the switch.

Eliminate Duplicate Coverage

If you have any type of duplicate coverage, you can reduce your premium costs by dropping one. For example, if you have auto coverage that includes paying for your medical expenses but you also have good medical insurance, you may consider eliminating the auto policy.

Longer Policy Options

It is typically cheaper to go with an annual policy over a shorter policy. Your rates cannot be increased during the period of the policy term. Opting for a six-month policy means your insurance company can increase your rates twice each year rather than once. Savings on annual policies can add up quickly if you stay with the same car insurance company for several years.

Shop Online

You can easily shop online for car insurance. Shopping online allows you to get quotes from multiple insurance companies so that you can evaluate various policies and compare rates. This is the easiest way to get coverage.

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