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Types of Car Insurance Coverage

Every car owner and driver needs insurance of some kind. In addition to the legal requirements, insurance provides financial protection in case of an accident. Medical expenses and property damage are the two cost categories drivers consider when seeking coverage. There are several types of insurance coverage from which to choose. The type that is best for you depends entirely on your circumstances, budget, and state laws. The following are six of the primary policies for vehicles.

Liability Insurance

This is typically the minimum insurance you can get away with purchasing. It pays for property damage, including vehicles, and medical expenses of people injured in an accident caused by you. However, costs associated with your injuries or damages to your car are not included under liability insurance policies. The exact amount you are required to maintain is determined by your state's law.

Collision Insurance

As its name suggests, this type of insurance will pay for damages to your car if you are involved in a car accident. Generally, insurance companies will only pay the current value of a vehicle if it is totaled. So you should not expect to get enough money to purchase a new one.

Comprehensive Insurance

This insurance coverage pays for damage to your car that is a result of anything other than a car accident. For example, if a tree falls on your car, neither liability nor collision insurance can be used to pay to have your car repaired. Because its coverage is so extensive, this type of insurance is more expensive than the other two.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Not all drivers follow the law. It is possible to be involved in an accident where the other driver is at fault but does not have the minimum insurance required to legally drive. Or the driver might have insufficient liability coverage. Whatever the situation, uninsured motorist protection can be used to pay for your medical expenses and get your car repaired if the uninsured driver does not have the personal funds to pay the costs directly.

Medical/Personal-Injury Insurance

Most drivers who have the first three types of car insurance tend to have this kind of insurance as well. It is intended for catastrophic car accidents that result in major medical expenses due to extended hospital stays. This protection kicks in after the coverage or pay-out limits of the other policies have been exceeded.

Gap Insurance

Drivers who still have car payments may benefit from this type of car insurance. If your car is totaled in an accident and you owe more that the current value of the car, gap insurance will pay the difference so that your lender is fully reimbursed.

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