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Discover the difference between car insurance rates and quotes and what customers can and should do when the initial quote and final rate are substantially different from one another.

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Differences: Car Insurance Rates and Quotes

When shopping for insurance, it is important to know that rates and quotes are not the same thing. If you are not careful you can inadvertently get an insurance policy that is too expensive or does not have the coverage you need. It can be disheartening to go through the process of comparing quotes offered by multiple insurance providers only to learn you will be paying more than the quoted price.

How to Use Quotes

It should seem fairly obvious that a quote is simply a starting point. You have not provided sufficient information at the time you request a quote to get the final price of a policy. The quote is based entirely on the preliminary information you provide online or when speaking directly to an insurance provider. They have not had time to verify the information or complete further background screening such as looking at your credit history or driving record. Any changes to your application that occur during the verification process will definitely alter the quote.
Insurance quotes should not be viewed as inaccurate, or worse, ploys to get you to sign up for insurance under false pretences. It really is no different than purchasing a car. You view multiple cars, decide on one and ask the salesperson for a price. She gives you a suggested monthly payment amount. But this amount will change depending on whether you have a trade in, plan to make a down payment, or have poor credit. Any of those factors will change the final monthly payment.

Purpose of Rates

Unlike quotes, rates are in your insurance contract. This means that insurance companies are legally bound to abide by that rate – they cannot increase it or accept payment for less without breaking the contract. It cannot change without cause before your renewal.
Changing quotes to rates involves a complex formula that differs with each car insurance provider. Your driving record, and possibly your credit report, will be reviewed and included in the calculation which determines your overall risk as a customer. Once your rating tier is established, you may receive discounts which can lower the rate. Your final rate is a combination of these and many more factors. The more accurate you are during your preliminary application, you may only see a change of a few dollars between your quote and rate. If you are not happy with your final rate, ask the car insurance agent what information they used to set the rate. There may be inaccuracies that can be corrected to lower your rate.

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