Major Car Accidents in San Diego

There are many incidents and accidents happening around us in this huge world. We all have TV cable in our house. TV cable has helped people to receive all the updates about the world. People living in Western countries of the world are well aware about the situation of Eastern countries of the world and same goes for rest of the world. You cannot hide any kind of news from media. Electronic media has played an important role in bringing people closer to each other. It has provided many benefits to the people. You can keep yourself up to date from any kind of news. You do not need to read newspaper daily. Now you can just switch on your television and can watch the news live from the comfort of your house. You can watch live matches, movies, and news. Kids can also watch their favorite cartoons on TV. San Diego is one of the largest cities of the world situated in California. There are many people living in San Diego and earning their livelihood peacefully. It is a well developed city and provides all kinds of facilities to the people. There are many people who own a car in San Diego. Cars and bikes have become an important and common means of transportation for travelling from one place to another. The route system in San Diego is well built and organized by the concerned authorities but accidents do appear. The ratio of San Diego car accident is increasing gradually. The reason of San Diego car accident is poor concentration or misunderstanding of the drivers.

Emergency service is available 24/7 in San Diego for people because of the increasing ratio of San Diego car accident. The accidents which occur in San Diego are major because the roads are well built and people drive cars at about 100 km/h. Traffic wardens are available at the roads performing their duties to avoid accidents. There are rules set up by the traffic police authorities which must be practiced and followed by the citizens of San Diego. The rules are implemented for the good sake of the people. People must follow the rules and act accordingly or else they will have to pay the fine.

San Diego car accident has created problem for the traffic authorities and they are trying their best to avoid accidents by implementing new laws. The automobile manufacturing companies are also making cars with the most advance braking system to avoid accidents. Many people have lost their lives or their loved ones in car accidents. We have no control over accidents, it happens just within seconds by a minor mistake.

People have started paying close attention during driving to avoid San Diego car accident. You must not risk your life. Life is a precious gift from God and we must take care of it. We must not do over speeding or over taking on road. People must drive car accordingly in their respective lane.


Check for any casualties

The very first thing that should come to your mind in case of an accident is to check for any injuries caused to the people in your vehicle and/or the other vehicle in case two or more vehicles are involved. Some people tend to think of the car first before the people involved. It is fair that the life of the car’s occupants come first since it cannot be compared to the value of the car. In case there are casualties in the San Diego car accident, then call 911 and report the same to the police. There is a tendency among the police to respond faster to such accident scenes if people’s lives are involved. Otherwise if it’s just the car, the response is a bit slow. This is not the law; it is just a general observation and experience. Otherwise they are supposed to respond as fast as possible.

Car Accident

Car Accident

Report the accident to your insurer

Once the casualties have been taken care of, the next step is to contact the Claims Department of your insurance company and report the accident with them. Don’t wait. Some companies have the tendency of rejecting claims especially if lodged a bit late. So, the moment you get involved in a San Diego car accident and you are in a position to make a call then just call them. Don’t hesitate.

The other driver may tell you that they don’t want to involve the insurance companies especially if it is just a small dent or scratch. Don’t be tempted to ignore reporting it. It is an accident after all. Most insurance companies won’t accept liability especially when they realize that the current damage caused to your car includes that which was caused by previous accidents. Just report it however small the damage may be. A San Diego car accident may appear so insignificant but you may only realize later on that conducting repairs for the small dents and scratches can be so expensive. Some parts of your car can actually be very expensive.

There have always instances whereby the other driver rushes on refusing liability. After a San Diego car accident, the moment the other driver hears what they are likely to incur, most of them simply refuse to pay. Some will claim that it cannot be as expensive as you may be putting it. The other may think that you are just trying to make some cash from the otherwise ‘insignificant’ accident. In this case you will find some difficulty in dealing with such people. This is where the police you had initially called and the insurance company comes in handy. The police will of course help when it comes to the legal side of the accident while the insurance company will play the compensatory role. Some drivers even try to change the story so that the fault can revert back to you. In this case you will learn the importance of the police as well as the witness testimony that will come from anyone who was around and witnessed the accident.

However, once involved in a San Diego car accident, some drivers will easily see their fault and take responsibility for the same. These will make your work easier.


Just like it is in any other legal jurisdiction, San Diego has auto insurance as a compulsory requirement. It is mandatory that every driver must have this. Otherwise without proper auto insurance coverage anyone can be prosecuted for driving illegally in this city. It is a common understanding that huge traffic is the characteristic of any busy town hence with such traffic, accident rates are always on the higher side. While rural towns too may have accidents, the rate is not as high as in the highly populated cities. It is very easy to find a San Diego car accident due to the city’s huge population.

We all know that we have to be responsible for every injury we cause to any other person as well as the damages that come with it. This means therefore that a driver who is not adequately covered will find themselves in trouble if they get involved in a San Diego car accident. This will imply that they may not be in a position to cater for the costs they will have brought about. Worst of all, the law will also be against them as this is a mandatory legal requirement. You can call this a double jeopardy.

Car Accident

 As a wise driver, you can always find a way of safeguarding yourself from  all these misfortunes. You don’t have to wait for an accident to occur in  order to start doing what is right. In fact, the law will not wait until you get  involved in a San Diego car accident before you get arrested and get  prosecuted. The assumption here is that it is not a guarantee that you will  survive the accident. You may also lose your life. In this case therefore it  may become difficult to hold anyone responsible for the accident especially  if the other people you have affected in the course of the accident survive. At least someone has to compensate them. This is why auto insurance will come in handy and take care off. You will thus be arrested for violating the traffic laws. You must show proof of financial responsibility as well as insurance. When registering your car, proof of insurance is mandatory.

The consequences of driving a vehicle in San Diego without insurance are several. Among these is having your license suspended. This will therefore mean that you can never drive a vehicle in the city again until your case is cleared. Can you imagine being prosecuted simply for lacking insurance cover and then losing that right to drive? This is something you can easily avoid by obeying the law to the letter. Expect fines too. Some people think that fines only come when involved in San Diego car accidents. You will be fined if found driving without the insurance policy. Why would you get involved in all these legal ramifications if you can actually pay for insurance and live uninterrupted? These fines may even be higher than what you would ordinarily pay for insurance.

The minimum requirements for insurance are very much affordable. For injuries, it’s just $15,000 per person while if you choose to cater for all persons on board it is just $30,000. Property damage is catered for by at least $5,000. This is not high compared to what you would incur when you break the law and the eventual expenses you will have to incur in case of a San Diego car accident.